Information about the flu

When we talk about the flu, it’s about an infectional virus that is caused bij the influenza virus. There are different kinds of virusses. First off it’s important to know that our defense system is heavily burdened when we get the flu. This might be caused by collateral contagion, like bacteria. Beause of this the complaints can get worse and you might experience complications. When you’re healthy, a flu is not that bad, only annoying but it goes away in a couple of days.


But a real flu is often underestimated. With some people a flu could lead to serious illnes. In Holland there’s a flu epidemic every year, mostly in the winter. Between 250 and 2000 people die from the flu or the effects of the flu. The risk groups have an extra risk to get very sick when they have a flu, like people with a chronic condition like heart or lung diseases.

In most cases the flu is caused by influenza A and B. Type C causes a cold, mostly with kids. A causes illenes and death. It’s known as the Mexican flu.

Incubation period of the flu:
The flu has an incubation period of two to four days. After about four or five days the complaints will be gone. It’s possible you’re still tired afterwards.

Incubation period of the Mexican flu:
The Mexican flu has an incubation period of about two to four days. If you think that you have this kind of flu, then you have to get yourself tested. The research takes about twelve hours before you get the results.

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