A cold

With a cold you have to think about an infection that’s caused by a virus. It’s often the rhino virus or a corona virus. The other name for a cold is an acute viral nasofaryngitis. It’s a viral infection of the nose and throat (upper airways). You can also experience red and itchy eyes. Mostly you can continue your daily routine and you don’t have to stay in bed. The cold generally takes two weeks. Two to four infections a year is common for an adult. School going kids have colds more often. When a cold comes to an end, there’s a life long for that specific virus. It gets transmitted through skin, like when you give someone a hand. But also through sneezing or coughing.

When you have a cold your resistance gets weaker. The bacteria and virusses are able to develop which is the reason people get sick.

Symptoms of a cold:
The symptoms of a cold are:
-throat ache
-painful lymph glands in the neck
-fever rash
-loss of taste and scent
-temperature going up
-tears in the eyes
-ear pain

You can feel extra uncomfortable when you experience these symptoms, especially people with asthma or chronical awkwardness. It also occurs with baby’s.

Incubation period when you have a cold
The incubation period for a cold is about two to five days. The complaints are often gone after two to seven days. You could go see the doctor if kids younger than four months have a temperature of higher that 38 degress for longer than a day. Also when a kid is younger than six months and coughs a lot, or when a kid older than six months keeps coughing for more than five days. With adults you should see the doctor when you get unconfortable, when you cough up slime or when your temperature gets above 38 degrees and keeps this way for more than five days.

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